Friday 29 October 2010

Cloudy outfit

changing shoes. The dilemma between Chie Mihara and All stars.
Rings and glasses -the mascots.
Pants by Akira Mushi.
Oh yes, and this is my new ippolito bag!


Panagiota said...

i prefer the 1st one but with all stars the outfit becomes more..funky!nice bag and (comfortable right?)pants!dont u wont to take off all these rings after a while??i only wear one and sometimes i cant bear it!

Unknown said...

OMG ! I love your glasses !

See U !

joanaddicted said...

@panagiota: the bag is my new love. its name is Sui. And it's made by my friend Pavlina!! the pants -super comfortable and designed by another friend Akira Mushi!! And for the rings!!! noooo if i don't wear them-i feel naked! :-)))

vint junky said...

Oh you look mighty foxy in your glasses, i just look like a school teacher in mine ;)

amalthia said...

i'll go for all starz!