Friday 23 April 2010

Boys&Girls, u make my day!

It's about time to tag you, my friends! You know, most important thing for me.. inspired by friends, loving them, treating them like Kings&Queens, ok... u've got me! I'd die for you guys! This post is a quick dedication to the unique - or not (haha.. Jimmy i know you're waiting tough judgment from me for your styling choices..) styles of all the lovely people, who knock my door and are called friends.

Chrissa, the purple Lolita. The serious Marc Jacobs addict:

Elena, the absolute shopping denial! It's just doesn't get simpler or lovelier:

Jimmys, the... oh untamed boy! Just stop wearing these shirts!!! haha, this is the only person in the world who can wear shirts with dragons, sneakers, Gucci belt, and Volcom tie... (and i mean.. matched in the same time!) :

Giorgis, the total uncoordinated disaster. Oh my god i sooo love this guy and his style... He just doesn't care.. he is stylish because he has no idea (don's ask me about what...he just doesn't have any idea)!!!

Vassia, the cutest smiley of the world, the biggest heart i've known. And yes, she is real (and doesn't get any chic-er)!

Tonia, the Princess. How can you do that? You shine that much, cause of the crown, or there's a secret, kind-of miracle face creme??

Gautier, the rock star. One day, when i'll be shouting your name with the crowd, are you gonna sing a song for me???!!!!

Kondia, the gold painted beauty. I can never pay attention to what she is wearing, cause i can't take my eyes from her huge true smile...

Nodas, the 'if he was a cartoon, he'd be my favorite one'. Haha, sooooo love him!!!!

Nadia, the breathtaking. Thanks sis!

Mick, the love!

Don't start complaining the rest of you, babies, there are many more to come!!!!

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