Thursday 22 April 2010

Lanvin Doll - ****ing Rock&Roll!

The famous Lanvin Dolls, that Alber Elbaz designed, have already done the tour of the world, and have been widely used as gifts to little ladies or grown-ups..
Of course, who wouldn't like to possess one of those little porcelain fashionable cuties?!! But, as i do not, i can stay for as long as i want, in front of the Lanvin windows at the Kolonaki store in the center of Athens, and stare another inspired version (if we may say...)!

Yesterday, Lanvin's window visuals made me stop walking and take a long breath in front of them.. She is crazy, queeny, tattler, lovely...she is obediently fabulous!!



these are funny!

Elaine said...

They a lways have the best window displays!

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chloe said...

haha, wonderful windows! thanks for sharing :)