Monday 26 April 2010

Style doesn't need any clothes

Skate forward. Yesterday, i was found @ Technopolis among skaters, with the occasion of the 7ply project. To be honest, thanks to Lopi, my eye was triggered and wanted to see by itself what so special was going on there! So, instead of skateboard on my hands, i carried my camera, doing my own backflips..

This post isn't about the outfits, but the attitude. 

Ok...seriously, this kid isn't the absolute style icon??:

Peep toe?? This girl has actually cropped her converse. That's what i mean summer mood!:

And here i am (leipei o martis apti sarakosti???) -sorry, no translation for that!!!

And my gorgeous 'personal photographer', Gautier V.:

Short pants, get out of my wardrobe!


Lopi said...

Wow, you scored so many great street style pics!

joanaddicted said...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I missed this! Seems so much fun!

Alessia said...

I agree!The pictures are amazing!
Ha,I liked the peep toe All stars,but I would NEVER dare to wear them!It's just not my style!

great blog by the way,I can't wait to read more!


Denisa L said...

omg, those croped converse looks so great, indeed summer mood:)
awesome outfit dear,love your sandals:)

A♥ said...

awesome pictures!! the peeptoe converses are genius! lolz

lovely blog =)


Thalia said...

seriously cropped converse?? in a peep toe style? why why haven't i thought about that???

chloe said...

great pics, you captured some really cool people! x