Thursday 10 May 2012

portrait of may

Last weekend was so contradictory that only confusion is the right word to describe my thoughts. Political scenery, elections, hate and disappointment on the one hand. Sea, sun, friends and love on the other. When the sea touches your hair and the sun your heart, you feel different, right? or not? To tell you the truth, i don't know what i feel. A day just after this surreal political and social experience, i visited the center of homeless people of Athens (i go very often), in order to figure out the 'new' basic needs and offer what i can, motivate others and catch up with cruel reality. My point is that when it comes to this kind of life unfair treatments, you don't really care about the sea, or the sun, or your friends, or the stupid elections, or your out-of-reality fashion blog, or your shopping lethal instincts, or any of other crap.
Maybe i should had posted an image by the homeless little kid instead. But i didn't even have the guts to take one. Feeling bad cause you're in a better position than another is not a plan. Move your ass and do something about it, sounds like one.

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