Tuesday 24 May 2011


Ladies.. are you ready to feel you?
im.me clever, im.me sexy, im.me free, im.me hot, im.me! i am me! είμαι. im.me

I had warned you here for this new beachwear brand -created by one greek and one cypriote provocative designer- that blew me away. Alexia Kirmitsi kai Anna Petrides are presenting their summer work with a rather 'cool' way. Warning. It's gettin' hot.
(Oh and there's one more secret coming up. Soon a special promo for Hysteria Asteria and Akira Mushi, in which i'm participating, wearing their creations... shhhhhh!)
Till then, find these hot bikinis@ Hidden Showroom, Papanikoli 6 str, Psirri, Athens.

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Nells said...

wow!great beachwear and if i may say those dolls rock!