Thursday 19 May 2011

poeting in the museum

    Facing the portrait of Alexander the Great, she came closer to her lipstick, and after a super red refreshing movement between her lips and the beauty product, she passionately started kissing the marbled statue. Alexander’s portrait is now red and confused.
    After this strong and soft experience, she skillfully sat on the marble throne to enjoy her much deserved moment of glory, being the instant Alexander’s lover.
    And what an anciently contemporary queen would she be if it wasn’t for the treasure. Here comes the bunch of the gold coins that will take us out of the financial crisis–oh that’s an inappropriate drooling.
    Two steps further, a hypothesis of Goddess Aphrodite’s portrait. Seriously, Aphrodite used to have bronze eyelashes and now these eyelashes –symbol of beauty- betrayed her, rolling down her stunning marble face. It gives the illusion of crying. So, she stayed still in front of its majesty and cried along with the statue. Compassion and sympathy. That’s all a forgotten prisoner-marble, locked in a prestigious cool museum, needs. The black tears of Aphrodite made her think of the socio-psychological rape we all feel.
    And then the gigantomachy Athena showed her the way out. You snakes, dance with her – that’s her only way out of this cage. Be her hair on her head, be the fibres of her clothes. Be her faithful friends, you socially harassed snakes. You can ‘mortally kombat’ the lionhead that lies strong on the other floor. This Parthenon’s waterspout was definitely in use, since the threaten by Lapith’s naked body was a deep amuse.
    Finally, her walk into the museum and her playing-around with its habitants ended with a game. Bowling. Yes, that’s what the magic sphere with the God Sun challenged her to do. ‘Oh God, this magic sphere tells the future-it’s got the New York’s Statue of Liberty on it. –No, you fool. It’s just its ancestor -the God Sun.’
    And just like that with a magic bowling sphere, the statues fell down on the floor and their spirit was released free.
    And here’s when the orchestra starts to play.

(Going back to reality, please accept my apologies for those who feel offended by this story- a pure product of imagination. Our ancient treasure has got my absolute respect. Please consider my words to be a variant of today’s reality, expressed in symbolisms and sarcasm.)

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