Tuesday 2 November 2010

Lacey, studded and zipped


The new DSquared top:

And the new Jimmy Choo shoes:


at Bronco bar:


Frini said...

hey sweetie!!
well apart from the fact that i love your look(as usual), i also love lace on you, so keep it up, it suits you so much!!
where's this last pic from? the place looks amazing! don't tell me it's downtown, cause i'll be there day and night!;)

kiss kiss*

joanaddicted said...

@frini: my love thank you!!! well, this is on of my fav streets in Athens - it's not down town, it's at the center of Kifisia! And the one on the left is the Bronco bar, where you can go from morning till dawn! Great rock music, cool people and amazing cocktails!! In fact, this friday, they'll launch their new cocktail catalogue, and there's one cocktail named joanna, after me!!! Will you come and ..
'taste' me??? big kiss!

vint junky said...

A you're pulling at my heartstrings. I'm partial to abit of lace.
You look beautiful in all your shots xxx

Sugahspank! said...

s'afth me to tsigaro eisai polu moutro!