Tuesday 22 March 2011

Stelios Koudounaris

i chose to turn this post colourless. Cause no image is able to give the right vibe of this collection. I'm now convinced that Stelios' work is the reason why we believe that there's future in this industry in Greece.
By far the best collection that was presented in AXDW.
p.s. Take particular notice on the back... I did. And i'm now back forward. My collage is nothing but a pinch of sugar. The whole show was my desirable overdose.


Unknown said...

Wow these long dresses are a dream. I'm very into long dresses these days !

See U !

Anonymous said...

iam definetely a fun of koudounaris ...i have purchased a few pieces in the past...this time though i found his collection with a weak inspiration...i hope he doesnt get heart, i only make this statement for his own good.