Friday 11 March 2011


Yeap 'Athens Xclusive Designers Week' is dangerously coming, 'Athens Fashion Week' is also threateningly approaching, independent Fashion Shows same there, and the story goes on and on for March or so.. There's already loud chaos around designers' names, so no need for replays. We'll catch the best in action anyways. Just one thing: Ippolito.
Pavlina just came back from Paris, where she showed the new collection Mellow Dewdrop Drops FW11-12 @The Box. And after this successful move (while japanese fashion experts made her a legend indeed), she now comes ready and charming with her bags and accessories @the AXDW. Be there. So, if you faithfully desire an invitation to Ippolito's fashion show, just email me: or visit Ippolito Showrooom: Aggelou Geronda 10, Plaka.
p.s. I'm sayin' nothin' but this: Except for the amazing collection's pieces, you'll also be greatly surprised by the music of the show..(Pavlina's selection definitely).

Pavlina's Ippolito Reminder? Here, here, here, here and here.


Lopi said...

yey! I'll be dressed 50's fabulous...

vint junky said...

Ohhh sounds wonderful! Wish i were closer. Have loved the pieces you've shown on the blog.
And yay for Athens fashion week. Can't wait to see your FW posts again

battered couture said...

i am sooo there.