Sunday 4 November 2012

the fashion room service once again

at Fresh Hotel, this time.
The established served designers' special day by ozon raw magazine and absolut vodka.
You remember the concept from here, here and here, cause of course we never miss it.
This time, i was amazed by some new entries, while enjoying friends' rooms. My cam on fire:

paul sarz, dark and majestic as we know him. A designer with characteristic work trademarks:


A new entry: Displexia. I felt that her beauty was contagious towards her creations. Entering the room, i was first surprised by the beauty of this lady -the designer- and then her jewellery hit me to my consuming craziness.

Iron fist -presented by New Cult. Cool meets kitsch, and both meet the streets:

Moving on to our beloved Prigkipw. Kalomira and Kelly are the joy of life, the laughter, the kisses. That's why their pieces are -also- the joy of life, the laughter, the kisses. Dumn right. Wanna bet?

Hysteria Asteria. The Cypriot friend who dresses me up -all the wayyy. Thumbs up for her new collection. Visit her at the Hidden Showroom -and soon near you with her second store in Athens at Halandri yei yei.

Hallelujah Design - extra points for the recycling methods,  unique pieces. Loved them:

Digitaria and her international art projects:

ippolito. When God made pavlina, he was definitely laughing, singing and dancing. But you already know that, so i skip the part of expressing myself aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa. Check out her new collection Bahar and then feel free to scream more vowels. Bonus: some close up pics in bags' details:

And us two, pretending to be uncool:

de.bour I WANT THESE SHOES. I hope they are as comfy as beautiful:

SOMF: Top girls bring us THE Coolest prints:

WESC, the love brand. I know guys, you go crazy for the headphones!!


Giada Pappalardo said...

like your blog!

Unknown said...

Great event and photos!:)