Thursday 23 August 2012

traditions of olympos

Olympos is a small -unique- little village in Karpathos island. Forgotten by the Clock cause mister Time decided to stop clicking there. People are still authentic like the good old days. They are far away from the rest of the world and they just don't care. Their houses remain still the same as their grandparents' of their grandparents' houses. Their clothes too. Their way of talking too. The kindness, also. The food from their own gardens and the traditional crafts and habits. How can't anyone fall in love with this kind of beauty? And as soon as a visitor passes by, the locals welcome her by 'decorating' the hair with one of those beautiful hand made headdresses.
I could smell the place, the talks of the locals, the stones, the air. I could touch their thoughts. I could feel the pureness of the food. I guess, time stopped for me too there.

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