Tuesday 14 August 2012

a word for this summer

This summer
I was reminded how it feels to just lay down and watch the colors of the sky while sunset is dancing with the sea-line.
I remembered what does the ‘do nothing’ mean and how revealing it can be deep in your brains.
On these vacations, I was taught, from scratch, the word chill
pausing words like ‘run like crazy’, ‘work’, ‘stress’, ‘what other people do’.
This summer I was, also, reminded that I don’t have to get crazy cool by drinking cocktails in several bars, but a slice of delicious watermelon works well enough to cheer me up.
This summer, I sat on a chair and talked to the sea. The sunset. The stars.
This summer, I didn’t have to use lights at night, cause i had the moon.
This summer I listened to my thoughts.
And I realized that the last time I had done that was when I was a kid.

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