Sunday 2 May 2010

The Meet Market

Today i passed by the Meet Market - not enough time available to enjoy all these beautiful creations, cause James band was knocking my head 'run run, in a few moments u'll be listening to ...sometimes when i look deep in your eyes i can see your sououououououllll...'. But i had enough time to get an idea of what our new designers and all kind of artists were up to..

Nothing otiose, i enjoyed every detail.

So here we go...
Starting with what i found the most interesting.

Cat Black by Diana V., Handmade Jewels.

I really found very creative the way the designer used the old tape's material and its individual pieces:

And the lovely designer:


Another convivial presence and mention-worthy jewels designer is Sol*full Creations:


Next, i was amazed by the biology girl! This low profile but miraculous lady, having studied biology in Athens and Spain, she came back to the country home to create some seriously nice and odoriferous stuff for us! Body & face cremes, lipbalms, anything pure and natural... I'm telling you - divine sense..


Troo Food Liberation - Vegan Organic fair trade
The magnitude of the responsible commerce! Appetite for some organic food??? Three girls are getting into the kitchen and cooking furtive recipes!!! I tasted the chocolate mousse and i was so positively surprised! For more info, click here.


Kleo Xirou
Meet Market is proved to be an endless inspiration for jewels. Kleo Xirou had something really quality forward to show us:


Adonis Vassiliou and Ioannis Vagelakis for 2D
If that's not inspirational innocent innovation, what is? Commingling among colorful toys on our fingers, our hands, our necks, our ears...


Alison Damianou
Her Jewelery was beautifully made and exceptionally presented..


The Artists- sisters from Karpenisi!! (Home sweet Home...)


Being conked out, totally exhausted, i'm hitting you a quick glance of the rest of the Market...

And, saying goodbye, blazoning a bleep of Creativity!


Anonymous said...

Cat black was my favorite too!

Nells said...

i went as many pics..i haven't been able to post anything yet!!