Wednesday 19 May 2010

Joanaddicted2Art Athina

The International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens and my wonderful feelings..
Not only countless masterpieces were hosted in Art Athina 2010, but brilliant people gave their strong presence, as well.
I felt like i was part of a harmonic chord of a very-well-played-minuet among the crowd, cause everything was so beautifully and carefully made.. You just.. wouldn't leave the place! I couldn't stop capturing (fire)works of art or just images, and every single one of them was shouting at me like an endless counter-attack..

Mostly, I enjoyed the very special moments i had in front of (or deep in - it depends) these highlights :

My lovely parisian lady, Konstantina:

 The artist, Dimitris Andreadis. I guess this one was my favorite, while he marries hardcore tones with childish innocence.. And that's just me! :

This one below, it gives a special 'pixeling effect', cause it's like (maybe it is indeed) painted on glass:

And this is Beautiful Alexandra (yes she could be a masterpiece of the Expo..), a key person of the Art Athina Team:

This amazingly limpid view made me imagine a special palette with so many nonexistent-maybe colors, that i could stand there for hours and stare or draw with my mind (not alone though..) :

And myself in the role of Mrs Myth!!

P.S. Why did i stuck with this? Big time! someone tells me..:

Last but not least ... Fashion First Row was also there with their queeny presence and kind attitude!!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

Alessia said...

ΟΥΑΟ!Υπεροχες φωτογραφίες!!!

Emilie said...

Awesome photos, great post!

Alessia said...

Sweetie,για ρίξε μια ματια στο μπλογκ μου!εγραψα για σενα,ελπιζω να μην υπαρχει προβλημα!αν σε ενοχλει μπορω παντα να το σβήσω!

joanaddicted said...

:-)))))) thank you so much!!!!! u're the best!

chloe said...

wow, great coverage! this looks amazing, i wish i could've visited! x