Thursday 13 May 2010

23rd Underpass - THE VIDEO CLIP

So...What is it ALL about?

23rd Underpass is a band of two irredeemably ruling musicians, Taxiarchis and Kostas. Already successfully sold out in Netherlands, they are being introduced in the Greek audience with their new majestic video clip, launching the song 'You'll never know'. Click here to listen to Taxiarchis' preaching!!!!

And I was very honored when i was asked to be part of this, by playing the flirting woman's role in the video..Last Sunday, the experience was endless, like a muddled affair that you wished it would never finish..

In order to make this video clip happen, greatly talented people worked together, while we are waiting for the best result to come up on our music screens very soon...!! So, here they are, a big smile and an even bigger kiss to these gorgeous people who made us ecstatically dancing in the rythms of 23rd Underpass..

Director: Christos Dimolikas
Photography Director: George Karvelas
Stylist: Marianina
Make Up Artist: Vangelis Thodos
Hair Stylist: Christos Likoudis
Clothes: Sotiris Georgiou

Photos by Petros Poulopoulos
The Band:

Taxiarchis, the big star, dressed in Sotiris Georgiou:

Myself in my role:

Photos taken by Petros Poulopoulos

Photos by Petros Poulopoulos

I was supposed to be the flirting lady, who would grab this cute boy and kiss him. In the role of my partner, Gautier:

And the video snapshots...
Photos by Petros Poulopoulos:

The Director, Christos:

The Make Up Artist, Vangelis Thodos and his team:

Video Clip Outfits by the stylist Marianina:

Gautier's outfit :

My diabolic self:

Cordial People!!!! Go down like nine-pins!!!!

We can't wait for the video clip to get out there!!!!!!
Wishing Great Success to 23rd Underpass......!!!!!


Anonymous said...

love the photos
looks like youre having lots of fun!
thanks for sharing as always
and i really appreciate your lovely comment!


Anonymous said...

You look great! Let us know when the clip is released! I'm happy for you honey!

Alessia said...

Wow congratulations,my beloved blogger!!!Can't wait for the video clip to come out!!

lafashionelle said...

Cool photos......!!!!!

Livingathens said...

Να ευχηθώ καλή επιτυχία στην δουλειά σας (video) και στην μπάντα!

Nells said...

congrats girl!!!!!!

chloe said...

thats amazing! what a great bunch of people, they all look so inspiring, i bet you had a great day :) let us know when the video is out! x

Nikos said...

Yesterday i heard this song for the first time and I could not believe what i was hearing!!! Amazing!

I've read that 23rd underpass will support Kim Wilde some time around March.

Greetings from Greece to all italodisco fans!!