Wednesday 26 May 2010

Nodamania - Live from Dublin

Jovian Nodas. I wish i could make a 'don't' post about Nodas (so that i could laugh out loud with his usual lined up responses that leave you speechless..), but i can't! The reason is totally and clearly extortionate. Taking into account that Nodas is working at the Google Europe headquarters, he actually has the power to simply shut my account down (!), so i'll just focus on his endless and unbridled virtues!!! Always in high spirits (and not only when he's tipsy!! but's a natural status..), triumphantly noisy, soooo glib and cheerful!!!! cheers mate ;-)

Isn't it the scariest photo ever !!!????


Clemmie and Melroy said...

Thee mou poso idios eisai me ton ooompa-looompa!

Einai fovero <3

Sas filw kai tous 2

Mou leipsate :)

Anonymous said...

I find the photo great! Not scary at all!

Alessia said...

How's my favourite girl doing?Great post!