Monday 17 May 2010

Women's Desires @The Art Foundation

Last Tuesday, i was found in TAF, where the WhiteBox group, in collaboration with the performer Eva Pyr, presented the installation-performance, 'Female Desires'. Exploring female expressions, lively giving the differentiation of women, their deepest desires... and all that, through the majesty of fashion design!
The Designers who participated are: Anna Economou, Gaffer & Fluff, Jessica Josafat, Kika-Agathi, Marika Poulopoulou, Olga Mergou, Smaro Botsa, Stella Galanti, Fotini Kostouli. I, personally, temptingly enjoyed it!!

First of all, my favorite one!!.., where actually the performer turned out to be our lovely blogger fellow Nells!! Girl, you were absolutely fantastic!! Nells portrayed the woman who never changes her perfume, who is always faithful to her red fired lipstick, frantically smoking, drinking abundant champagne, while her special jeweleries are her precious treasure..

And our beautiful girl, Nells, posing for me:


Other rooms took us to different places and gave birth to hidden desires.. (that works mostly for women!)

The woman who is traveling..she is always with a suitcase in her hands, almost crumpled cause of the trends of her brain and from the endless 'packing', but so fragile in the same time.. Maybe she is traveling cause she wants to exit the empty life she jogs on..


And what about a woman who just wants simplicity in natural heights?.. (that definitely doesn't work for many of us...!)

Fashion addictions and desires can explain personalities... My DESIRE of the total chocolate parade, how can be explained??! It's almost an oppression of mind!!


Alessia said...

I love the yellow flower bag!I loveit I love it I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Nells said...

thank u soooo much!!!love u!!!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous! Wish I was there too!

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