Friday 8 April 2016


A lot of beautiful things are going on right now and i've been meaning to share them with you long ago, but when a newborn comes to your life, things and feelings get new perspective and priorities.
First, for those who haven't already seen my new ROSES ARE RED collection of silk nightwear and clothing, you can catch up with the campaign here. This time, the inspiration came from the nocturne tunes of Chopin, my favorite classical composer, with whom i've spent hundreds of piano playing/studying hours and who has greatly influenced my aesthetics and preferences. So, yes romance is still alive!
One of the muses of the campaign is our featured model Annabelle Belmondo, the grand-daughter of Jean-Paul Belmondo, the legendary french actor. An effortlessly elegant and simple woman.
Special thanks to photographer Maria Maraki, who always captures exactly my vision, make-up artist Ioanna Dimou - not only a great artist but also a sweetheart, hair stylist Akis Akila and my best friend Vassia who is always by my side and helps me in any possible way!

This SS16 collection under the name "Chopin made me do it" was presented in Paris at Mode City Exhibition. It was the first international showcasing experience of ROSES ARE RED , having great time as well! And of course without the help of precious friends, nothing would be the same once more! Thank you Mirto and Edi for all you've done for me and my brand :)
Here some moments of our Parisian days in the expo and on the roads!:

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