Thursday 11 October 2012

sniffing clouds

when you fly in the sky.
today it feels like.. Ok, i'll talk.
There are moments. Listening to a song. Looking into his eyes. Walking alone. Waiting for a call. Chewing like a cow. Driving by the sea. Staring at the sun. Moments that make you feel like being in a movie. Right then, like there are cameras all over you and record your expressions. Sometimes, you feel like they record your thoughts as well. In this play wow you're the protagonist. Actually, you can be whatever you wanna be. No. the truth is that these moments are your real ones. But the difficult part is to understand that this play is your own beautiful life. Oh speak up damn it, life in beautiful. Why are you afraid of saying it? Because other people suffer? Well, if you -the happy one- don't scream out loud of happiness, it's wasted. So, yes - being happy is not a crime for fuck's shake! Don't feel guilty when you're happy. Just say it. It's infectious. You might make other people happy too.
And all the above, just to tell you that i'm so damn happy, flying in the sky! It's nice sniffing clouds!
p.s. Some old movie inspirations to start the day?