Monday 15 February 2010

Morning Coffee & McQueen always alive

We don't say Goodbye, cause Alexander McQueen is still alive with his creations, but we'll miss him. Fashion icon, deemed one of the best fashion designers (and not only) in the world, endless inspiration, a genius.

Going for a morning coffee today, i was pleased to see my cousin Penny (she gets really upset when i call her Penny - her real name is Despina) with a great McQueen leather bag, which i found a great opportunity to post, in his memory. This is really a so-easy-to-be-seriously-adored-bag!



Hi Pen! 


I love your jacket - i know..purchased from Italy.. but i told you i need more details!


And this dress on her friend, Maria....enticing!



And me, walking out my Marc by Marc Jacobs black bag, Marc Jacobs sunglasses (i know.. i am a huge fan) and my Philosophy Blues jacket ..


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