Wednesday 3 February 2010

Androgynous look: harmless & sweeeeeeet!

Yesterday, I had a huge crush with some serious androgyny shoes!
Late afternoon and I was quite hungry for shoe-therapy! So, trying to find old models, which can harmlessly fit in nowadays’ trends and cute styles, I visited my favorite outlets in Athens.
The results were amazing, but disappointing in the same time… Great designs 5 to 8 years old without any right size for me! So, the only thing left to do is capture the top 2 of my yesterday’s research and share them with you!

The first one (NAK shoes) reflects a rock but sweet tone, with this dynamic red & black animal print and a retro but timeless look, with this strict mannish design..

The second one (Tommy Hilfiger) declares the independence and the romance of an aged modern chic person. Its beautifully made structure and strong quality can easily convince you to purchase them, even they are no longer available at your size (for years)!
I love postmodern past!

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