Monday 8 February 2010

Bronco rocks! Cocktails too!

A really rocking & fun place to go, the new Bronco at Kifissia! Great music, extraordinary cocktails (especially when they're made from the owner named Chris), small but miraculous! Little details will amaze the most demanding customer! To be honest, there's nothing like that in the north!
And as the bar is all new, they are in process of completing the menu. So, when i went there on Friday night, Chris (the owner) welcomed me with a special inspired never-tasted-before cocktail! With mandarin and mastic... I have to admit its taste was sublime...So, he named this cocktail after ME! Guys, if you are curious to taste something new&tricky, ask the ''Joanna'' cocktail that you'll find in the catalog at Bronco! Cheers!


It's all about the little London-rock-style details in the interior


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