Monday 8 February 2010

Athens in 1918-1939

What an inspiration… I couldn’t resist posting these forgotten pics that suddenly came into my hands!
Athenians… check this out!
Witness Athens’ most famous streets during the period 1918-1939. Grandpa where are you? I want to hear your war stories once again...

Let's start with Thissio square. Can you see Acropolis in the backround?

And this is Lycabettus...

Omirou Street..

Ploutarchou Street..

Oooohhh...and what about this? Does this remind you of something? And here i present you Patriarchou Ioakim Street at Kolonaki..

Believe it or not...This is Stadiou Street!

Here a panoramic view of Koukaki!

From Psichico to Penteli!

....and.... THE ATHENS COLLEGE!!!

Shocked u too?

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Anonymous said...

the pics are amazing!