Thursday 18 February 2010

Boyfriend jeans

In most of the chick-flick movies, girls wake up next to the awesome guy and, without even brushing their teeth or wash their face,  they stand up -so fresh by magic- with the boyfriend's super large sexy shirt, ending up to complete this ouhou carefree cool look, dressing up with his jeans! And if this happens in real life, i'll be a pope...
Instead, i bought the LTB larger than my own size blue-jeans!


p.s. Pinela love u girl ! he


In front of The Art Foundation (5, Normanou st., Monastiraki, since 2008)

T-shirt by the spacial items collection Marc by Marc Jacobs
LTB blue jeans 
Marc Jacobs bag
all star (purple off course) for ever
Ted Baker leather jacket (i know i wear it a lot)

Scarf, my suvenir form Munich
Bag Uterque
LTB jeans
jacket Miss Real 

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