Wednesday 2 November 2011

the carpet issue

what happens when you're decorating your new homey. Easily choose and purchase the basic furniture, and when it comes to carpets and curtains, you realize that there's the whole image difference game. So, the carpet! I'd never thought this would be such a challenge. Carpet is the art of floor. So, this past weekend, after a very selective-selection made by my man and myself, we had the carpets presented in our space, in order to finalize our decision. Help guys. Which one do you prefer?
Important note: These carpets are the result of an artistic procedure that has been done by a famous artist, with the technique of patchwork, they are woollen and come from Azerbaijan.

Carpet no1:

Carpet no2:

Carpet no3:

Carpet no4:

important note no2: i have to say that Telis seemed to prefer the first one.


Esta de moda said...

I love carpets in my house!!
Your carpets are so interesting!!
The decoration in your living rooms is amazing,congratulations!!!

pavlina said...

to No1!
p.s: i tv exei mia typissa pou mou moiazei i einai i idea mou?

Lopi said...

συμφωνώ με τον Τέλη και τη pavlina, #1 all the way baby!

Frida said...

Loipon eimai kai ego akrivos se auti tin fasi tou kainourgiou spitiou mou!

Protino to 1 i to 3. Ean valeis to 1 tha kanei antithesi kai tha prepei na pexeis me ta ypoloipa diakosmitika stoixeia se xromatikous sundiasmous pou na tairiazoun.

Sto 3 anadukneietai kalytera to patchwork kai nomizo oti tairiazei kalytera me to coffee table epeidi exei kafe mesa tou,

Your choice!

helen said...

No 1 is just impressive!

Haritini said...

κι εγώ 1 ψηφίζω!

Elsa said...

I think telis has such a great sense of taste! I will have to agree with him (even though every single one of them is very interesting)! Hope to see pictures of your final decision!

SoapyMermaid said...

I love carpets. I prefer the third one. this lil kitten is adorable.

Angelina said...

Το κίτρινο! Νο 1 it is!