Thursday 15 December 2011

vassilis emmanuel zoulias couture

Yesterday @ Hellenic Motor Musem.
For his SS12 Haute Couture collection, the designer was based on a very usual and so much used and worn motive: "remembering jackie, grace, audrey, marylin and so many others.." also adding the 'amy' figure.
Vassilis Zoulias haute couture pieces are high quality clothes, but innovation is missing. He never leaves classic or tested success recipe for the chic conservative ladies.
The show was impressive cause of the hosting area, which happened to be the glorious, amazingly designed and styled 'Hellenic Motor Museum' by historic Charagionis Familly. Excellent venue choice, but what if the venue itself overshadows the actual performance?
Anyways, except for the nice warm environment, the whole production was obviously not good, with an impressively and unexpectedly unprofessional seating and doubtful organization (they were actually asking to the guests to pay for the parking which was reserved for the show). But let's focus on the cool things. Great styling by Nicholas Georgiou (thank god), and a very faithfull 50s represantation for hair by Stefanos Vassilakis and makeup by Freddie Kalobratsos. But what i really enjoyed was what really inspired me and left me speechless - the Pericles Kondylatos jewellery. wow.

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