Wednesday 11 January 2012


all of my life i was into championship and sports and never believed that during training i could actually look chic. Most of the sportswear look just clumsy, loose and comfortable. And -almost- never chic and sexy. Well, trying to find sporty clothes, i found this designer Michelle Watson, who creates the michi brand. She declares to be provocative. i don't think that her designs are provocative at all, but i certainly feel strong dynamism, looking at her collection.

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Μαρία said...

Απίστευτα ρούχα! επιτέλους!

Αν και είναι κάπως τσιμπημένες οι τιμές τους βέβαια, το budget μου φτάνει το πολύ μέχρι american apparel!

Αν αγοράσεις κάτι, ελπίζω να το βγάλεις φωτογραφίες και να τις δημοσιεύσεις!