Wednesday 20 June 2012

my MoMA project: focus on the human figure

focus. and guess. think what they feel.
This is a project i did in The Museum of Modern Art in New York, 4 months ago.
People that pass by everyday. In front of us, near us. People that walk, talk, smile or just sit in our field of vision. But normally, we don't 'look' at them. We just know that they exist and most probably we don't care about it. Through my lens, i wanted to give all my attention and care to these little characters. I tried to discharge the image by the actual interest of a visitor, and give another dimension to what we see. You know, most of the times, what is small is really big. So, there you go. Have a look at my inner thoughts translated to simple pictures. And the rest is up to you to imagine the life in the city.

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