Wednesday 16 January 2013

hair debate

Waking up, some people think of work, family issues, boys or girls, amour, imf (n'importe quoi), hunger, peace in world, recycling.. Some others are questioning themselves "what should i wear" or "what should i do with my hair today" or "omg my fav skirt is not ironed". The first ones are questioning themselves "what should i do today to save the world". Ok guyz, about time to get rid of guilt feelings associated with emptiness and surface joy, cause -all i'm saying- it's a common world and some times coolness and easy paths are needed. And all that just to say why today i wanna post about hair (psychooo). After all, i missed small talk!
Hair debate. You've had enough of my short hair for years. Short hair upgrades the androgynous stylish look, but now i start to believe that nothing can be compared to the sexiness/sweetness of long hair. Counting my hair looks, i surely get that it's all about psychology. Hair stylists tend to be the new therapists?
 So, counting hair looks... What was your fav?

Once upon a time, i had bowl and no eyes:

The "Boys don't cry" look:

So easy to have an impressive look in -literally- one minute. All you have to do is place your hair around the headband:

I've always been the faithful brunette. Growing up, you get a bit stupid i guess. That explains my blondy ombre technique:

For sports and specially for snowboard/ski, woolies headpieces always save your look, cause hair becomes really tired and points out humidity issues. So cover it up:

During hair growing process, when you 've got straight hair, you're blessed:

 After the beach traditional solutions:
When i had gone wild. Try it on curly or straight hair. You just have to know that growing form becomes pain in the as* for the curly girls:

Winter days thank you for providing us with furry stylish hats:

Extensions when you're bored and desperate:

Twist always works:


Unknown said...

You look beautiful in each and everyone of those shots! Totally in love with your short edgy look and the softer one in the last photo! Mx

helen said...

I pretty believe that short hair shows your better face structure and cheekbones; for me, the first photo then.
But, hey, what you like the most is what really matters!

Beauty in Crisis said...

Το κοντό σου δίνει απίστευτο στυλ αλλά ψηφίζω μακρύ!! Ombre&long! Και..από κοντά είσαι 100 φορές πιο όμορφη και γλυκιά!! ;-)