Monday 1 April 2013

spring opening

A meaningful month.
In latin, Aprilis means opening. The Greek word for spring is "anixi", which also means to open.
April is the opening of spring. And if we go roman and a bit further, April was sacred to the Goddess Venus and the name Aphrodite comes from Aphrilis. There you go. Are you now convinced that spring has come today?
It seems that April is all about flowers, light coating and tights-free legs.
There is a really thin line between spring and early summer weathershots these days in Greece. And those lines can be translated in light coating movements or cotton jumpers, or both. Flowers can always travel your outfit not far from the woods, while booties bring you back to the streets. Have a wonderful April everyone!
Photo credits: Petros Poulopoulos


Fashion Reactor said...

Love yout hair accessory!!!! Come on spring!!!!!!!!!!


Daphnia Neofytou said...

agapw ta louloydia sou einai super!!!
kalo mhna glukoula