Tuesday 23 July 2013

Nespresso vanilla

what a great honor to be the Fashion Ambassador of the new Nespresso flavor Vanilla.
When Nespresso first asked me if i wanted to be their fashion partner, along with filio and alexia, for the new amazing flavors vanilla, chocolate and caramel, i had this dizzy feeling of happiness that hits you at the back of the head. Well, i must say that I am already their Ambassador since i realized (many years ago) that my day cannot be started without my Nespresso coffee. Now, it's official. I am a Nespresso girl with a crown.
The super kind Nespresso team opened the kifissia store only for us three fashionistas, shared precious coffee recipes and treated us like true princesses. A huge thank u to Nespresso for this unique partnership and the delicious gifts.
I vote for vanilla, all the way.

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allthingsyouare said...

Τόσο όμορφες! Λατρεύω το nespresso! Είναι εμμονή! Αν και μεταξύ μας προτιμώ τη βανίλια!