Friday 18 October 2013


What an amazing weekend! I would describe Spetses Marathon as an ultimate celebration of sharing the sports experience in a so meaningful way of participation. And when your beloved friends are around you, it gets even better. The strongest moments of the mini marathon were those when the "audience" was encouraging, clapping and congratulating you just because you JUST DO IT. Just because you participate. Because you try and you win in so many ways.
Scroll down for some Spetses Marathon moments through my eyes.
Oh and if you run, run in style. Clothes and Shoes by NIKE.


Krinanthi said...

Dog's Name is Chika :D
She gave us a run :D

Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

Such a beautiful couple! Spetses is my favourite island for a lot of reasons. Maybe mostly because my parents met there for the first time (it's a DNA thing I guess). Great photos!

Unknown said...

Looking great!