Sunday 9 February 2014


This is a random post dedicated to these little things that make my moments better, more unique and careless. I have chosen photos of my instant mobile captures in order to be more spontaneous and authentic. I am so attached to my phone, turning an alive freak yet creative, and the fact that i capture everything that triggers my eyes is what makes this post so honest and true about what i love.

CUPS. Floral and classic were never apart. This amazing teacup (although filled in coffee here) is my new weekend morning obsession. I found it in Zara Home.
I am a cup addict, rather than a coffee addict. Multiple choices in my kitchen shelves, just like clothes in wardrobe. This SELETTI cup is a marriage of the modern spirit with the classic motif. Bought it from the Room Service in Glyfada.
 Filled in Apivita tea and honey. Addict to that, too.
 Mom's classics compare to nothing. Spotted in parents' house and eye-candied till drop. Not literally.
 Next, more florals. More cups.
Oh. Arrived to the sweet destination. This cute, floral duplex by Katie Alice Collection is a gift by a super stylish girl (Despina from ) and decorates, empty or not, my vision. Super special. Find Katie Alice here.
Crystal love and tea tray -so meaningful, reminding me of my happy wedding moments. The sweet case is from Butlers shop, although it's not filled in sweets but that's the box where i keep the receipts (not cool, but practical). If only there was an english word for semedaki, the little white laced decorative piece.
 Passing from home love to outfit love, two of my fav pieces highlight this outfit. Leather lazer-cut shorts designed by Alexis Barrell and statement necklace by Accessorize.

 Lipstick in a bowl. Now that's an obsession. Find the hottest lip color at INGLOT.
 When i talk denim, i talk LEE. Sorry for the photo of my butt, but no complexes included.
 Eternal love for Ippolito bags. Charmed by this capsule collection..
I saw this ring on the finger of a very stylish and kind lady, who happens to be fashion editor in Elle magazine. We were having a coffee downtown Athens, while my eye caught this amazing vintage piece. The ring used to belong to her mom, of course. 
ROSETTES. I tend to believe that rosettes on ceilings, on walls, everywhere, come from a magical place, called styleland. Rosettes are synonym to a room's character.
Sweete and its recipes won my respect. I started making sweets only because of them. And, believe me, it's hard for someone to put me in the kitchen.
And talking about sweets... what an excellent pass to talk about teeth and the new dental hotspot. Hold it. How a dental clinic can be a hotspot? Well, if its dentist is so well dressed, surfs and throws cool parties (with the greatest bartenders) like Todd, then yes, the hotspot title is well deserved. Find Gonidis Dental Care here.

Not changing subject. Still in the teeth business. New (also hot) pastry blog in town, with the smartest name ever, . This new year's cake is a creation of Dimitrouela, the girl behind the blog and, also, my business partner in crime.
Teeth again. Who in the Nutella team thought of sending me this? Cause (s)he is a genius. Nutella is genius, anyway. Never stopped craving this chocolate heaven. Not even when dreaming on bed.
Minnetonkas. If I could, i would wear every single one of the entire collection. In every single color, as well.
 Moving on to glowing issues. This is a 2014 charm, designed by Zerteo. Precious gift by my love.
Love for Vogue watches. In Greek, there is a phrase when someone is impatient and goes like "i can't see the time". Now i know why Greeks say it.

It's hard to say which is my fav dress, but i'm close to this one. Printed dress by Asos. Nails done by Cure Nailworks in Glyfada. Worth mentioning.
Balcony can be a friend if can be beautiful. Gardening was never my thing, but i'm trying.
 Expos. My fav night out. Without art, we'd be lost, right? Here spotted at the Opera House.

WALLPAPERS. I've been doing some research about wall decorations and wallpapers have become my ultimate obsession. Haven't decided which one to use yet, though.
 OLD BOOKS on the floor. Never on shelves.
 Maybe on tables as well. Spotted in Evripides bookstore in Halandri.
And last but not least, presenting the new PREMIERE BOUTIQUE in Glyfada with the creations of Mimika Ciboyianni and Lefteris Yannikos. Visit for must-haves.

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Πόσο υπέροχο και καλογραμμένο κέιμενο! Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες και Ιωάννα, είσαι κούκλα - όπως πάντα άλλωστε.