Monday 14 April 2014

SHOEBOX called a box filled in treasures.
When the art of shoes is being appreciated in an authentic way, also known as the combination of chicness and quality, then the only place in Athens which can also be described as a Shoe Gallery is Shoebox store in Kolonaki.
Walk in naked, walk out in treasures. Scrolling down, a glowing radiance hits you, while bells of ambitious addictions reverberate as being in a joyful sonorous celebration.
Once you open this shoebox, you not only find the Parisian Bagglerinas, which drive you schmaltz not knowing which color to chose, but also more style treasures, so carefully picked and brought to your eyes.
And if this Tuesday afternoon (15/4/14) finds you available, come over to see those treasures by yourself. You are invited in a special sweet gathering. See you there & enjoy the ride!
Copywrite / all photos by me.

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Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

Ντάξει υπέροχες μπαλαρίνες!