Monday 19 May 2014


So happy to be nominated for the Best Fashion Report at the first Marie Claire BLOG AWARDS! And a huge THANKS to all of you who voted for joanaddicted blog! (For those who haven't voted yet, there is still time to LIKE here !) Another THANKS goes to L'oreal Paris, the proud sponsor of the Best Report Award. To support means to love. And after this intro, I move straight to the point of this post. Hair. Let's talk about hair.

Summer is full of salty moments, wet dreams and untouchable touches. Feet on earth, mind on sky - that is why we are so tall in summertime. Hair grows lighter and feather sinks heavy. Do not let your mind or your hair fade away. I do love instant miracles and i do believe in miracles.

Summer always has its pampering box. And mine includes a complete collection of hair L'oreal Paris products. Many of you ask me how my hair grows so fast. Well, the answer is genes :) but i also recommend the Elvive line. This summer, my necessaire is all about hair: Elvive Shampoo ARGININE RESISTX3, conditioner, Instant Miracle and Mask with reinforcing serum. Oh and most importantly, a drop of Elvive Extraordinary Oil. And after all that, i say bath is a ritual.

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