Thursday 12 March 2015


My dearest, long time, no see.. (And that's cause new charming, wonderful things will be released very soon). It's all about busyness these days (these months), so recap posts are how we like to roll.

1. My easy to wear top choice. A safe one. The white lazer-cut shirt that never lets you down, by topshop. Digital printed pencil skirt by Devotion and belt by Accessorize.

2.Another lazer-cut choice, top by talented architects team CUTCUUTUR

3. There is always a red-carpet wedding around the corner, so be prepared (!) I love this dress. Silk and red, the perfect combination. Designed by Kathy Heyndels. Make up by Inglot.

4.And speaking of reds. The perfect Red velvet. By Fresh.

5. In a "things to love" post, bestie is never missed. Pavlina and myself, we loooove to wait in Shoebox for Eda to close the store, so that we can hit dinner.

6. Second fav white shirt. by Stefanel. See through is always a thing to love.

7. New hair. Cut it cut it, the time is now! Thing to love: annoyed husband's face while taking selfie. He hates it and i love it.

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Cute cake and nice white shirt :) M&MFASHIONBITES
Maria V.