Thursday 8 September 2011

pinelopi + neoklis

last Saturday in Rhodes.
The most beautiful bride was married to the coolest groom, creating an amazing family. No word can describe my emotional overdose this past weekend. Pinela, your happiness means the world to me and i'm sure your man will take good care of you. Wish you both my friends a life full of meaningful love moments.
Featured in this post: the wedding couple, the guests, the family and all our friends from Brussels... it was so nice to see you guys in our country, all gathered for a so special reason..

The bride's styling preparation:

The groom:

Just arrived:

The ceremony:

The first kiss as husband and wife:

The guests:

The wedding give-away, honey and nuts: 

On the way to the party:

Neoklis' house in Rhodes island:

The wedding sweets: 

The little bridesmaid:

The party:



Laurent said...

pfffff fantastic post ! Amaaaaaaaazing pictures ! You simply rocks darling !

Anonymous said...

great, greeeeeeeeat post!!!

Antonella said...

i dont know u but this is really moving..

pinelopi said...

ioannaki mou molis girisame stin athina...kai sto internet! s euxaristoume gia tis uperoxes photo!!!kirios omos s euxaristoume pou isoun ekei mazi mas, simainei polla gia mas! eisai amaaaazing!! s agapo poli!!!!!! pinela