Thursday 13 October 2011

we are animals

yesterday night, evi and pinelopi hosted us in a very warm soiree, in order to come closer to Wrangler's style concept and its people. Today, i can't stop thinking of an expression that evi talked us about. The one that obviously cannot be translated in greek: We Are Animals. It's not about a catchy slogan, but about a whole attitude. A concept of how life should be seen by human eyes. Should i come closer to my insticts? Most probably.
Wrangler's people don't really care about fashion trends and extravaganzas. They are cool and flirt with danger, just because life itself is a danger.
Get the point in visuals below, where real stunt performers were photographed for Wrangler (how brilliant is that?) how cool.

And some extras from our yesterday's bloggers meeting with Wrangler:

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