Tuesday 14 February 2012

heavy blue wind

Few hours left to fly to New York City. My suitcase isn't ready yet, my mind is still back to Greek creepy politicians and Athenian meaningless disasters of an emotionally heavy city. Should we all just get a plane and fly away.. I don't know what to feel anymore. I don't know what i'm supposed to feel. Or think. Or do. I'm still Greek for fuck's shake. Greece is not just the super fat, ugly and incapable -totally useless- politicians that the whole world watches every single day on the tv news. We've still got our soul. And it's huge. So back off pigs. If you're jealous of our sun, come closer to get it. Burn mother fucker burn.

1 comment:

Afroditi said...

Love the playful white dots on the blue outfit and spirit. Hopefully by the time you come back it will be spring. Enjoy NY. :)