Monday 9 July 2012 : im.photographer

These are my photos, f*ck yeah, I was the photographer of the new collection shooting! And it gets better and better everyday, while more and more of you post/share/like my photos oh fb, admire the pieces, (you even show us your love by coverpaging them), and at the end of the day, you go straight to the hidden showroom and buy your favs. Well, thanks for that, i'm thrilled.
you've seen their first collection here.  Well, no matter how many swimwear brands pop up every minute in this summer country, the girls we trust. And when we say girls, we mean the two and only alexia kirmitsi and anna petrides, who are the creators of " swimwear".
Model: Kakia Kaffa
Hair stylist: Akis Akila
Makeup Artist: Stathis Kotsikonas
Photographer: Ioanna Tsigarida (me)


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Evi Mili said...

yperoxes fotografies kai poly wraia magiw!
poly kalh douleia!