Thursday 28 March 2013

vera wang bridal

wearing Vera Wang is living the dream.
Yesterday, i was invited to a special secret meeting in Vera Wang Atelier in Athens. When modeling duty is calling, you can never say no! So, here i am, i was in front of the new bridal collection, which was screaming out loud "wear me and walk on red carpet". There was no red carpet around, so i just walked on the sky.
Every single one dress had a story to tell, but in this post I am showing my two top choices. The red one is an untouchable yet real dream, but i wouldn't suggest it for your big day at church, where white takes the greatest place. I would rock it, though, everywhere else.
Many thanks to all these amazing faces over there at the Vera Wang atelier for the dreamy flight.

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Beauty in Crisis said...

Άφωνη!! Υπέροχα, ονειρεμένα νυφικά. Το κόκκινο γράφει το όνομά σου πάντως..

Φιλιά πολλά!