Monday 7 June 2010

700 people swapped and not shopped!

Yesterday, firstling, ThaliaViviana and Sandra, successfully organized the Swap not shop - an even more ethical version! And magistrate for their success... the amazing result at the end of the night and the 'carpeting' of 700 people!
Strewth! How great such an effort can be? These girls innovated and were able to pass the message of re-using importance to thousands of athenians - and not only! My deepest congrats to these three wonderful ladies and to everyone who gave his presence and swapped the countless fashionable used (and for that - even more charming) 'delicious' style viands!! Each piece that was found in 6 D.O.G.S. yesterday, had a history... and by choosing it, it's getting a new life, and you're getting new -ethical- credits!
For those who didn't make it to swap, find feedback on, or check out the Swap not shop beautiful photos of fellow bloggers Aleccarox and fashion algorithms, who already posted about it (and i'm sure many more will follow, so stay tuned).
(i only took a pic from my dearest friends Thalia and Maria, cause i arrived really really late and i missed the best moments :-(  ..always hectiiiiiiic sunday for me..). Next time - on time!


Anonymous said...

Oh we didn't meet! Hope another time!
kisses gorgeous!

Alecca Rox said...

thanks for the link-love.
it was like watching kids in a candy-store, everyone was happily choosing and customizing and in the end there were still plenty of clothes to give to that homeless people's shelter. Great!

Nells said...

I stayed till late....wish i had seen u!!it was great!!!

maria kotsari said...

love the idea...i hope to meet you next time...