Monday 7 June 2010

Rufus Wainwright

Emotional, charismatic, exemplary.
In the first part of his concert at Lycabettus, on Saturday, we -not only listened, but - felt the mourning for his mother. Theatrical as he was, we should better talk about a very well played performance, with a unique attitude of black tincted scenery, accompanying drumfire emotions in a 'religious' dome. Yes, the first part was a heart rupture for me, and i felt beautiful at the a catharsis. Second part was more joyful..

Back to backstage?! Rufus is not only a great musician, but a huge performer on stage, as well. So, for him, all stage-set and clothing are very - very important, and he is quite perjink about it. With a strong dose of negative energy, as it seemed, his luggage, with all his stage outfits, was lost at the airport!! But with an even stronger dose of buoyant thinking from my friends (organizing the whole thing) Alexandra, Bessie and Gautier, and some cooool emergency help from the greek designer Aggelos Frentzos, Rufus went out on stage with a makeshift, absolutely emersed, inspirational appearance.
A huuuuuge Bravo to the organization team!!!!!!!
And.... Rufus, we love you!


Lopi said...

I read all about it in Filep's blog, what an adventure with a happy ending! Angelos Frentzos did an extraordinary job!

Nells said...

he's unbelievable....