Monday 6 September 2010


Remember this post about the decoration of my new apartment? Well, after all these hectic weeks and lots of sweating and crawling, i'm finally happy enough to show you some more of the almost-completed corners!
Special thanks to my extraordinary friends who helped with the whole thing.. Without you, i'm nothing (quite influenced by the up coming Placebo concert this Saturday...)

So, here's how i see it. How i wanted it to be. How i did it. How i love it. And how i'll keep it.
Japanese art details, indeed.
Pop art to the fullest.
Some industrial touches.
But finally, there's an obvious minimalistic result.

Main art piece: 'COSMOS' by the artist Mirto Dimitriadi. This piece was awarded by the Greek Newspaper Naftemporiki, during her exposition at 6DOGS this summer. I'm lucky enough to have the first copy made in my living room!:

Another idea that triggered me was to post on the wall some of the memories- cartes postales, that i have collected the last few years, during my trips. So, these cartes postales - advert flyers were carefully chosen in the following cities: Paris, Lille, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Ghent, Brussels, Brugge, Athens, Madrid, Bristol, Sheffield, Alexandroupolis, Lauven, Rome, Florence, Sienna, Volterra... I certainly miss something...
(Completed Wall promise @ next post!)

The fashion Table books are a huge MUST:

...along with the tiny floral details:

Japanese and pop art lover:

I really hope you like my little new world. Ready for homing and homing and homing and homing...


Collette Osuna said...

You did a fabulous it all...good for you for making the apartment "your own" with these awesome touches:)

joanaddicted said...

thanks so much!!! happy u liked it!! :-)

Vixen said...

wonderful blog,I've been reading it for a while, and amazing room. Love the japanese and pop art paintings!!great!!

Alessia said...

-.- Oh my Jesus Christ,ειναι αψογο!!πραγματικα στο λεω,αγγιζει την τελειοτητα!ετσι εχω φανταστει το σπιτι μου!
οσο για τις καρτ ποσταλ απο Φλωρεντια και Σιεννα...Αχχχχχχχ!ερωτας!
μπραβο κουκλα,να το χαρεις το σπιτακι σου,ειναι πανεμορφο και ιδιαιτερο,οπως εσυ!!!!

katoula said...

ready for a magazine shoot! xexe

DTK said...

dreaming of more

Unknown said...

Ha ha I've got the Taschen book, a true bible

See U !