Tuesday 7 September 2010

Hysteria Asteria by Alexia Kirmitsi

How honoured should i feel for being the first woman to wear the first piece of the new collection of our beloved Cypriot fashion designer Alexia Kirmitsi, signing the brand 'Hysteria Asteria'? !!!
Last week, Alexia was in Athens, in order to follow up her collection's production process and, after a hardworking day, she ended up -stanning as always- in my place for some chat chat and beering. And guess what! She had this gorgeous sample with her!!! No need for explanations, she immediately took off my clothes, grabed the camera and shot me! Oh u can't imagine how i enjoyed being in her new creations! This shirt rocks big time, and i can't wait for the rest of the super promising pieces of her winter collection...
Alexia Kirmitsi will be exposing in Paris Fashion week in a couple of weeks. Wishing you great success my darl'!

Alexia, don't kill me for posting this pic with my homey shorts, along with your beauuuuuuuutiful fandangled shirt!!!! After all, perception IS reality!!!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Didn't know her, but I will find her out for sure! You look good in the flip flops!I love your way of being crazy! Kiss kiss!

Collette Osuna said...

OMG.....that is so cool!!!
and you look fab by the way:)

Statements in Fashion

Frini said...

this shirt rocks for sure!!
and it suits your style perfectly!!
keep it...hihi!

i love your posing as always!

kiss kiss*

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

Believe hon she could't find better model for her creations..thumbs up for Alexia, and jaws down to floor 4 u!!thalassino dindinisio fili!!

maria kotsari said...

THE shoulders are Fierce...

Thalia said...

hon i absolutely love her creations! i ve met her last year at Tell a story and i also loved a jacket of hers!

the jacket looks great on you as well! may be you should have it dear!

G said...

Your jacket is amazing. So are the comfy shorts and flipflops! Nice!

-Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

stylorectic said...

some attitude goin on here.fab.
wowza.the jacket.love the last pic x)
fever n holidays sounds good to me!
thanks for your sweet words!

vint junky said...

P.H.E.N.O.M.E.N.A.L shirt lady!!!

Ahh you rock it with shorts anyhow!!


Anonymous said...

Some decent concepts. Very well planned