Monday 19 March 2012

the dreams went denim for the 5th time

last week @ CAMP! for Denim Dreams 5 by Ozon. You've also seen sweet denim dreams here. Scroll down for the night's snapshots and my view on fav photoworks.

Fav photographer and friend Christos Sarris. For Trussardi jeans:
 Nikos Katsaros for Adidas Blue Denim:
 Yiorgos Kaplanidis for Wrangler:
 Yiorgos Kaplanidis for WeSC:
 Nikos Katsaros for Aggressive:
 And the live denim performance:

And the people.
 Yiorgos Kaplanidis (love shooting photographers):
 DJ Bad Spencer, Vaggelis :
 Danae and friend:

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