Friday 16 March 2012

#makeitcount NIKE

Just name ONE person on planet earth that has no NIKE pieces in his/her wardrobe. I doubt if there is any. It's inevitable to grow up without  these clothes - we run, we walk, we sleep, we eat, we go out, we fall in love, we do it all in NIKE.
Personally, i was a track and field athlete, spending many years into championship. (i'm sure that few of you know that..). So, yes i consider NIKE to be part of my culture.
So, guess how happy i was when i was invited to the vip launch event at the new store in Syntagma Square... Scroll down to take a look of what happened yesterday..

Honored to #MAKEITCOUNT. My Goal: to help children in need.
 Dimitris Hondrokoukis, the Greek high jumper who won GOLD medal at the World Indoor Championships just a few days ago:
 Sofia Boutella, my muse:

 We were featured on the store's screens, Dimitris Vlahos on the left, me and fashion architect on the right:

 and my beautiful girls:

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Lopi said...

did they email you the photo of both of us? if they did, please, preeeetty please, send it my way :)