Sunday 4 March 2012

Greek Designers in New York

Well, great news! Five amazingly talented and experienced Greek designers took part in the Capsule show in New York, presenting their work in world's most successful and design-forward fashion traders. Do i have to say how important this is -and not only for the Greek fashion industry, but even for our country in general- while exports turn to be a huge key-point for the crisis exit plan. Congratulations to these young designers, who don't give up in this delicate economic situation that we are all going through, and they believe in their dreams and their work. That's what this country needs -in every sector: talented and hard working people, with dreamer-minds and optimistic hearts. And these five young Greeks... they sure do.

Ippolito (designer of the brand and owner: Pavlina Papailiopoulou):

Hysteria Asteria (designer and owner: Alexia Kirmitsi):

Paul Sarz:

Katerina Parpa from Cypriot 'Carpe Diem Studio Gallery', representing the brand Gaffer & Fluf:
Alexis Barrel (Lexy is from South Africa, but she lives and works in Athens):


evi skarvelaki said...

Well... I was there too, not in person but in spirit! Too bad you didn't capture in picture my new 'kooki' bags!!!

joanaddicted said...

evi we loved your bags! Good luck with your new collection and concept!! Wish u great success!!

evi skarvelaki said...

Thank you girl!!! And you did capture some of the baggies shown in the post above just behind ya :)