Wednesday 4 August 2010

In the beginning..

..of the deco of my new home, sweet home! Apart from the hard work, the fatigue and the body pain for all the screwing and fixing, we had our fun (and we still do, cause i've got a looooong way to finish the whole decoration concept, which came up with the precious help of a great architect and a unique artist and brilliant graphic designer!) - Unveiling coming soon!

So, for the moment, i'm giving you little style details to start with and be inspired!

Often crazy friends' invasion...


chloe said...

yay, congrats for your new place!
i love your kokeshi dolls, i have one too with a superglued head (the boyfriend broke her, tsss). she's blonde and holding a cupcake, hehe
enjoy the rest of your decorating love, wish could visit! xxx

joanaddicted said...

my dear sweetheart thankssssss!!!! you are soooooooo welcome!! are u planning athens some time soon??

Marianna said...

Latreve tis 2 mikres koukles kinezoules :D